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Athletes are positioned to be very effective leaders. Sports teams can play pivotal roles in a school, neighborhood, and beyond. Athletes are automatic role models; unfortunately, too often they are not positive role models, instead demonstrating characteristics like arrogance, disrespect, unruly behavior and even bullying. 


Many programs offer academic support for athletes, Athleadership is a program designed to develop positivity and personal responsibility, confidence and compassion, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, vision and discipline.  It is a leadership program for athletes to develop a mindset for possibility thinking, and give them the tools to co-create a new reality of opportunity for all. It is about winning in the game of life, not just in sports, and what it takes to improve the quality of life for your community – and beyond.

We develop a mindset for possibility thinking, and give youth tools to create new opportunities for themselves, their community, and beyond – from the inside out!

Our Mission

Athleadership is an organization of student athletes; dedicated to nurturing future student athlete leaders through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty


Our Vision

Our goal is to hire North Minneapolis high school athletes to be trained to teach Minneapolis youth (age 5-14) elements of Discovery of Self, a social/emotional intelligence program the athletes themselves have been using. This will benefit the Athleaders who more deeply integrate what they’ve already been learning and feel good about being teachers and positive role models, and the youth benefit by learning a mindset and skills that can help them in all aspects of life.