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Athleadership Progarm

Athleadership is a program for youth 8th - 12th grade to learn to become leaders and then, with guidance and a curriculum -- mentor younger children.  Participants are first trained in the Self Discovery curriculum, which is about 10 hours over several sessions.  Upon completion they are eligible to teach the Self Discovery curriculum to younger kids in the Youth Sports program.*  They are matched with a mentor who is coaching the camps/clinics/teams.  Athleaders will then use their athlete celebrity to influence the younger kids for good and become mentors themselves.  They will teach the Self Discovery curriculum  to small groups during the first 15-20  minutes of each camp/clinic or team practice.   Each group having 2 Athleaders for 4-6 younger kids; HYSF staff will also be around to help and supervise.  

We know that athletes are positioned to be very effective leaders and sports teams can play pivotal roles in a school, neighborhood, and beyond.   While athletes are often automatic role models -  unfortunately, too often they are not positive role models, instead demonstrating characteristics like arrogance, disrespect, unruly behavior and even bullying.   Through the Athleadership program at HYSF they learn just the opposite.

Athleadership is designed to develop positivity and personal responsibility, confidence and compassion, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, vision and discipline.  It is a leadership program for athletes to develop a mindset for possibility thinking, and give them the tools to co-create a new reality of opportunity for all. It is about winning in the game of life, not just in sports, and what it takes to improve the quality of life for your community – and beyond.

*Learning the Self Discovery Curriculum is FREE, upon completion Athleaders are eligible for a paid internship.  The internship consists of teaching the curriculum to kids in the Youth Sports program. 

Sign up now and become a leader in our effort to strengthen lives and community through sports.

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Strengthening Lives and Community Through Sports

We develop a mindset for possibility thinking,  giving youth tools to create new opportunities for themselves, their community, and beyond – from the inside out!

Beyond Athleadership...

We have hopes and plans for creating more positive experiences, networking opportunities, connections to a mentor and leadership programs.

  • Programs where certified trainers, coaches, and referees deliver an athletic and leadership curriculum that is integrated to match the participant’s interests in either coaching, refereeing or  leadership
  • Our young referees and young interns will bolster their training through real game-time experiences with Youth Sports participants.
  • Phase I will be a program Mentorship program to help high school athletes and college athletes move on to college and then stay in college.  Students will be paired with a mentor who can help keep them on the college path.
  • Participants will develop partnerships with MN colleges and workforce development agencies.

Our Mission

Athleadership is an organization of student athletes; dedicated to nurturing future student athlete leaders through leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty.


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Our Vision

The goal of our Athleadership Program is to hire high school athletes to be trained to teach youth (K-7th) elements of our Self Discovery Curriculum,  a social/emotional intelligence program the athletes themselves have been using. This will benefit the Athleaders who more deeply integrate what they’ve already been learning and feel good about being teachers and positive role models, and the youth benefit by learning a mindset and skills that can help them in all aspects of life.

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